Top 60 Synthesis Essay Topics

As a student, you will write several types of essays. Some of these essays will require synthesis. You have to write these essays with a unique point of view and back your views with credible academic sources.

Therefore, you will need some skills to write this type of essay. First on the list of skills you need is the ability to pick a good topic which is usually a big problem for many students. This article will give you some of the best ideas on trendy synthesis essay topics that you can use. But first, we will show you how you can pick the best topic.

How to Choose the Best Topics for Synthesis Essay

If you follow this synthesis essay rubric for finding the right topic, things would be easy for you.

  • Pick a topic that interests you

The most important synthesis essay rubric is that the topic must interest you. When you choose an interesting topic from the list of synthesis essay topics, you are likely to spend more time on the research.

  • Pick a unique topic

Your topic should be short, with a unique focus, and not be too general. A long topic might create issues for you as it might be difficult to tie things up. 

  • Good synthesis paper topics are usually debatable

The best topics for synthesis essays typically make people want to disagree at first glance. That will create a sort of interest in your readers and make them want to read.

  • The topic should be easy to research

The final synthesis essay rubric is that the topic must be reasonable to research. Make sure you find synthesis paper topics that have potentials for change, topics where you have options to add improvements.

Ideas for Synthesis Paper Topics

Below are lists of 60 synthesis essay topics that you can use. These topics are presented in groups to illustrate that you should limit yourself to a focused idea.

Synthesis Essay Prompt Topics on Social Media

  1. Can Facebook make someone less social
  2. How Instagram affects black beauty standards
  3. Social media and self-representation of African American girls
  4. Social media and academic performance of children aged 10-17
  5. Can YouTube affect the shopping habits of youths?
  6. How Instagram promotes stereotyping
  7. Can social media causes changes in human habits?
  8. How social media is influencing journalism
  9. How does screen time affect overall satisfaction?
  10. Online communities and the feeling of belonging

Synthesis Essay Topics about Drug Abuse

  1. Should teenagers be allowed to use electric cigarettes?
  2. How nicotine addition leads to poverty
  3. How cocaine causes teenage pregnancy
  4. Can police narcotics officers get addicted to drugs?

Synthesis Paper Topics on Education

  1. Should institutions allow their students to direct their education?
  2. How does class size affect students and their academic performance?
  3. Is technology a barrier to learning?
  4. The relationship between students’ dress code and their academic performance
  5. Should teachers carry firearms on campuses?
  6. Should higher education be free?
  7. Should college athletes get money for their performance?
  8. Racism and how it affects annual college admissions
  9. Is the school-to-prison pipeline effective in the African American community?
  10. Is Homework useful?
  11. Can divorce affect children’s educational performance?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Global Warming

  1. How global warming reduces the population of Monarch Butterflies
  2. How is air pollution-related to global warming?
  3. The effect of global warming on life expectancy within the last 50 years
  4. Effects of global warming on farming?
  5. Global warming and marine species extinction
  6. Can fossil fuels cause global warming?
  7. What is the best thing humans can do to stop Global warming?
  8. How is China causing more global warming issues?
  9. What can the USA do to address global warming?
  10. How the average American lifestyle causes global warming

Technology Topics for Synthesis Essay

  1. Are violent video games responsible for real-life violence?
  2. Drones and the threat to personal privacy
  3. Artificial intelligence and the evolving workplace
  4. How does artificial intelligence contribute to overproduction?
  5. Can machine learning improve business productivity?
  6. What’s the relationship between technology and entertainment?

Synthesis Paper Topics about the Society

  1. Is a college education necessary for employment?
  2. Should marijuana be legal?
  3. Should the death penalty be encouraged?
  4. Should voting be made compulsory?
  5. Should tobacco be illegal?
  6. What’s the moral justification for testing drugs on animals?
  7. Should insurance cover cosmetic surgeries?
  8. How poverty affects the future of children
  9. Should medicated glasses attract VAT?
  10. Why Healthcare services should be free
  11. The place of religion in health care
  12. Parenting styles and their effects on children
  13. Why job seekers need agility
  14. Effects of teenage pregnancy
  15. Millennials in the new work environment
  16. Why the world needs more feminist
  17. How the modern world supports women more than it supports men
  18. Should abortion be legal?
  19. How divorce affects children


A synthesis essay is pretty easy to write once you choose a good topic. The list above comprises of carefully chosen topics that you can decide to write.