How to Write a Synthesis Essay for the AP Language

The AP lang synthesis essay was introduced in 2007 and since then, it has been a challenge for many students. For students to write a correct AP lang synthesis essay, they must read at least 7 sources. After that, they will synthesize these sources into one persuasive essay. The AP lang synthesis essay rubric also requires that students support their essays with at least three sources.  

Contrary to what you might have been told, the AP lang synthesis essay prompt is the easiest of all essays you can write. You might, however, find the synthesis essay prompts unusual.

With that said, how do you write an AP language synthesis essay? In this article, we will show you some synthesis essay AP lang tips that will make your synthesis essay stand out.

How to Write Synthesis Essay AP Lang

There is no single strategy or method to writing a synthesis essay AP lang. You can follow as many approaches as you want to achieve the same goal. The idea is for you to pick as many strategies that can help you write easily because the tips you find here do not work in isolation.

Therefore, pay attention to all the strategies as they will add variety and complexity to the quality of your arguments. Here are the strategies that will be of help to you:

  • Carefully examine the AP lang synthesis essay prompt

Synthesis essay prompts refer to two or three sentences that ask questions or issues that you must answer in the course of the essay. For your essay to pass the ap lang synthesis essay rubric, you must have a perfect understanding of the prompt. It is with this understanding that you can pick the right sources to go on. 

  • Summarize your ideas

Before you start writing, you need to put together all your sources and get a summary of them. Summarizing your source materials and ideas might seem easy and useless but then it would go a long way to get you good grades. Summarizing alone might not necessarily show you any effects. However, when you combine it with the remaining strategies, it becomes an effective strategy.

  • Compare and contrast

After you have made a summary of your ideas and sources, the next step is to compare and contrast. The AP lang synthesis essay rubric does not make it mandatory to follow these steps in the order they are arranged. However, following it in this order can help you establish the perspectives of the sources you have as regards your topic. It would create a sort of foundation with which you can present your opinion and ideas. It would also help you come up with a synthesis essay outline.

  • Remember to use examples

A great way to prove that you understand something is to show your knowledge through examples. You need to think of an explanatory synthesis essay example that will illustrate and clarify the topic you are writing about.

  • Alternate between your ideas and that of others

The AP lang synthesis essay rubric requires that you have at least 6 trusted sources in your essay. To do this, you can talk about your ideas and then explain your point as it relates to others. When you discuss other relevant ideas, putting down yours becomes easier.

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