AP Language Synthesis Essay Sample

If you plan to write the AP lang or AP language examination, chances are that you already know that 55% of your final score comes from three essays. Amongst these three essays, there would always be the Synthesis essay.

Many students find themselves struggling with this part of the examination. It’s mainly because they do not understand what the AP language synthesis essay rubric requires of them.

This article will show you a good AP lang synthesis essay example. Also, the article contains some AP lang synthesis essay tips that will help you do well. Keep reading to find out more.

Writing the AP Lang Synthesis Essay

To help you understand how to write a proper essay that will pass the AP language synthesis essay rubric, we will be solving an example. The following is an AP lang synthesis essay example adapted from the official prompt of the synthesis essay in 2019. You can study the AP synthesis essay outline and use it as a guide to write yours.

There are six sources in the AP English Language and Composition Examination of 2019 (that is Question 1). Carefully read these sources along with their introductory information. After that, write an essay that synthesizes the material from at least three of these sources. Ensure that you develop a position on the most important factors that an agency or an individual should consider in establishing a wind farm.

To answer this question, you need to do the following:

  1. Produce a defensible position to respond to the ap synthesis essay prompts.
  2. Choose pieces of evidence from at least three sources provided to support your line of thought. Be sure to state your sources clearly by marking them with quotation marks, or paraphrase or summarize them. Your sources should be cited a Source A, Source B, Source C, etc. Alternatively, you can describe them with parentheses.
  3. Create an ap synthesis essay outline that you wish to follow
  4. Explain how the shreds of evidence support your line of thought
  5. Make sure you write with the best punctuation and grammar to make your argument.

AP lang Synthesis Essay Example

Large scale production of Wind power has been drawing significant attention from consumers and the government in recent times. There is a lot of hope that with time, it could serve as a viable alternative to other regular materials that power energy grids like natural gas, water, coal or oil. If possible, we expect that it replaces even newer sources of electric power like solar and nuclear power. This has become increasingly important especially now that society continues to increase its energy demand. However, the establishment of wind farms on a commercial scale seems to be controversial for many reasons.

This situation has been here for several years. unfortunately, very little is being done to curb the ugly menace. We must be honest with ourselves; alternative power is the only reliable way to power the world. Considering how industries across the world continue to use high volumes of non-renewable power, it is only a matter of time before gas and coal fuel plants are out of operation. Therefore, the only feasible alternative at the moment is wind power. Like with every other solution, wind power comes with its pros and cons. Some of the main factors that power companies must consider in developing wind farms include aesthetics, economic factors, and environmental boon.

There are no doubts about the benefits of using wind power. Wind power is clean, and renewable, and qualified by Source B. Wind power is by far one of the least harmful energy sources to the environment for many reasons. First, the production process that not require any fuel or dangerous material, and also, wind occurs naturally. Using gearbox and advanced blade materials, wind power can retain more energy than any other power source. According to Source F, wind power can retain about 1,164% of the power that gets into the system. That means, the system can even boost the power put in it by up to 10 times. As of today, there are no other power sources that are half as efficient as that. The clean nature and the high efficiency of the system are crucial factors for energy companies.

Wind power comes as a boon and bone to electric companies and users simultaneously when you consider the economic side of things. With wind power, consumers have access to cheaper electricity which means lower bills than they can get from any other source. According to Source D, consumers of wind power also get reimbursement in taxes. A Texan town, called McCamey increased its tax revenue by 30% when a wind farm after a wind farm was erected there. With the increased tax, the town made significant improvements to its finance. At the moment, there are doubts as to how wind power affects power companies. However, we know that wind power is very cheap compared with other renewable energy sources but a bit more expensive compared with fossil fuels. So, while win energy reduces emissions, it costs the power companies more than regular fossil fuels. Even with the positive economics around the trend, there are still some setbacks to overcome before wind power becomes more effective than fossil fuels.

Aesthetics could be a major issue for power companies amidst its various benefits. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to make turbines look more attractive. The white plant is the most common type because it signifies cleanliness (Source E). But then, its size sometimes makes it look out of place. The area used cannot be adjusted as well because it will affect the generating capacity. Sound is also a major concern because it can interrupt people’s sleep. Therefore, power companies need to work to make sure their turbines are less aesthetically impactful, so they can garner public support.

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